Choice Privileges Guest Loyalty Program

The Choice Privileges® rewards program allows guests to earn valuable points toward free hotel room nights, airline miles and more.

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Network Size

Geographic Coverage:

Number of Countries: 35+

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Size of Network:

Number of Hotels: 6,300 +

Brand Diversity

Brand Portfolio:

Number of Brands: 11

  • Comfort Inn
  • Comfort Suites
  • Quality
  • Sleep Inn
  • Clarion
  • Cambria Suites
  • MainStay Suites
  • Suburban
  • EconoLodge
  • Rodeway Inn
  • Ascend

Earning Points at Hotels

Base Points

Earn points or airline miles.

Earn Rate: 10 points per $1 USD¹ ² or 1 airline mile³ per $1 USD


¹ Points are earned on room rate only at properties in the US, Canada and Europe
² Earn 5 points per $1 USD on hotel stays at MainStay Suites, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel, Econo Lodge and Rodeway Inn in the US & Canada only
³ Varies by airline partner

Elite Bonus Points

Reach elite status and automatically receive extra Bonus Points on all the Base Points earned.

Earn Rate:

Bonus on Base Points


Promotion Bonus Points

Earn bonus points for various hotel promotions at participating properties throughout the year.

Earn Rate: Varies by promotion

Meeting Planner Bonus Points

Earn bonus points for events planned at any of the hotels.

Earn Rate: 5,000 points per 10 nights booked (up to 50,000 points per event)

Refer a Friend Bonus Points

Earn bonus points for referring friends to join the program.

500 points will be added to the referrer’s account and the referral’s account upon completion of the referral’s first eligible stay

Purchase Points

A few points short? Buying Points is the easy way to get the award you want.

Point Price: 1,000 points = $11
(20,000 point maximum purchase per year)

There are various promotions that run throughout the year that offer additional bonuses on point purchase

Earning Points at Partners

Credit Card Partners

Earn bonus points for spend on a Choice Privileges credit card.

Earn Rate:

US Cards

Choice Privileges Visa Card
($0 annual fee)
At hotels: 15 points per $1 USD
On Choice gift cards: 5 points per $1 USD
Everywhere else: 2 points per $1 USD

Other Partners

Earn bonus points for spend at various program partners.


Partner Type
Bonus Points
Car Rental
Online Shopping


¹You do not earn hotel points for airline flights. You can choose to earn airline miles instead of hotel points.

Reward Choice

Hotel Rewards

Redeem points for hotel stays.

Hotel Reward Types
Standard Rooms
Premium Rooms
Room Upgrades
Points + Cash Room Rewards
On Property Hotel Rewards

Standard Room Rewards

6,000 – 35,000 points

Excludes Australasia where points required are up to 75,000

Partner Rewards

Redeem points for rewards from a variety of partners.

Reward Types
Gift Cards
Airline/Rail Point Transfer
Travel Certificates/Packages
Point Transfer/Gifting

Reward Flexibility & Attainability

Spend Required For Free Room Night

In order to compare programs to measure how quickly a member can redeem points for a free night reward, we look at the spend required for a free night.

Minimum Spend¹: $600
(by Base Member for base level hotel reward)

Average Spend¹: $1,600
(by Platinum Member for average level hotel reward)

¹Does not include promotional or partner bonus points earned.

Hotel Rewards Rules

The terms and conditions for the hotel rewards.

No Blackout Dates
No Capacity Controls
No Nuisance Fees on Rewards (ie. Taxes, Booking Fee, Change/Cancellation Fee, Resort Fee)
5th Night Free on Hotel Rewards (elite members)
Discounted Rewards
Pool Points with Family Members for rewards

Point Expiry

Points expire after 24 months of inactivity.

Elite Tier Requirements

Membership Levels

Earn elite status based when you stay at Choice Hotels properties.

Elite Tier
10 nights
20 nights
40 nights

Membership Rules

The terms and conditions for achieving elite status.


Earn lifetime elite status
Points rollover to count toward following year’s status
Reward nights count towards elite status

Elite Tier Benefits

Base Member

  • Earn & redeem points

Gold Member

  • Base Benefits + 10% elite bonus
  • 50 day reward booking window
  • Elite offers

Platinum Member

  • Gold Benefits + 25% elite bonus
  • Partner offers
  • Luggage tags

Diamond Member

  • Platinum Benefits + 50% elite bonus
  • Complimentary room upgrade¹


¹Subject to availability

Average Value per Point

Average Value Per Point

$0.009 per point


Room rate / # points required for a free night (determined by average across representative sample of hotel rewards).

Average Program Value


  • Base Member: 9.0%
  • Highest Elite Member: 13.5%
    (Diamond Member)
  • Credit Card Member²: 13.5%
    (Incremental Value)

²Includes bonus points earned on hotel spend only. As such, incremental value likely to be higher.


Average Earn Rate x Average Value per Point

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