Hotel Rewards Program Ratings Methodology

Our travel experts have developed a proprietary formula to evaluate hotel rewards programs. Our methodology looks across five key criteria in order to assess a program’s competitiveness:

♦ Hotel Network                 ♦ Program Value
♦ Ability to Earn Points      ♦ Elite Benefits
♦ Ability to Use Points

The weightings of each of these criteria can be found to the left. Additionally, we evaluate a number of factors that comprise each of these core criteria, including the following:

What is the breadth and relevance of the hotels within the program?

  1. Geographic Coverage: How many countries does the program operate in?
  2. Size of Network: How many hotels are in the program?
  3. Brand Diversity: How many brands are in the program?
How many opportunities are there to accumulate points?

  1. Earning Points at Hotels: How many ways are there to earn points for hotel spend?
  2. Earning Points at Partners: How many ways are there to earn points for partner spend?
How easily can members redeem the points they have earned?

  1. Reward Choice: What types of hotel and partner rewards are available?
  2. Point Flexibility: How flexible or restrictive is it to redeem points?
  3. Reward Attainability: How quickly can one redeem points for rewards?
How quickly can a member reach elite status and what benefits are available?

  1. Tier Requirements: What is required to earn status, and the rules around doing so?
  2. Tier Benefits: What perks and privileges are available at each elite tier?
What is the average value members can expect when earning and redeeming points?

  1. Average Value per $1 USD hotel spend: The approximate return on spend for a base and elite member.
  2. Incremental value with Hotel Rewards Credit Card: The additional value realized when using the program’s credit card.


We understand that hotel rewards programs are quite complicated and feel confident that our methodology will assist travelers in understanding, selecting and utilizing them.

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